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I'm attorney William D. Kickham, the Principal of The Law Offices of William D. Kickham & Associates. We're glad you're here. You're visiting us either because you have a legal problem in the area of personal injury, or because you want to learn more about a certain general area of the law. Congratulations: You've come to the right place. We're not only going to meet whatever legal needs you have, we're going to exceed them.

Gone are the days of just using the Yellow Pages to find a lawyer. You are at our website because you are proficient in using the internet. Use this valuable tool to educate yourself on your choices and options. Use our links provided on this site to assist you in learning more about the particular legal issue you face. We think that once you do, you will choose us to speak with. In the meantime, please read on about what we do, and why we do it better than most law firms.

The Law Offices of William D. Kickham is a boutique personal injury law firm that brings to clients exactly what they need, when they need it most: Experienced legal counsel committed to representing clients with passion, dedication and unequaled professionalism, under circumstances of great personal stress. Clients come to our firm because they have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of someone else (an individual or a business). These events are extremely stressful. Some of these events can permanently derail a person's life.

Small Firm, Big Results

Top Ten Reasons The above description is accurate: We are a small law firm that produces big results. We are not a "lawsuit factory." We don't deal in unmanageably high volume and we don't "churn" cases to feed a large advertising budget. We specialize in Personal Injury, and we are proud to say we have a 20-year successful track record of producing superior results for our clients. Most large and even medium-sized law firms nowadays operate like big businesses, making you go through a maze of steps and people before you actually reach a lawyer. Guess what? We don't believe it's an outrageous expectation for a client to speak to an actual lawyer. Not all law firms or lawyers practice this way.

We do. We get results for our clients one case at a time, committing our personalized attention to each client, as if they were our only one.

When you're faced with a life-changing and extremely stressful situation such as a personal injury problem, the last thing you need is to be treated like a number - just one client in a sea of other clients. Our firm provides what clients don't and won't get in a larger-sized law firm: Partner-level, dedicated, one-on-one professional attention. When clients call our firm with questions or needs, they aren't shuffled off to a paralegal or newly-graduated Junior Associate, who is just "learning the ropes." They speak with the Principal of our firm, Attorney William D. Kickham. They get their questions answered, and their needs are met by the one person who is managing their case personally. That is a major difference between our firm and larger firms, and one that every potential client, whatever their needs, should consider very carefully before selecting an attorney.

Advantages That Make The Difference

One of many key advantages offered by our firm, is that we work with a wide network of attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases, combining the best talent in our firm, and in specialty firms across Massachusetts. We partner with some of the best legal talent in the practice of law in Massachusetts, in providing specialized legal counsel and representation to our clients. This means that if a particular case demands the special expertise of, for example, a medical malpractice attorney who has specialized skills in a particular sub-specialty of medicine (such as closed head injury or traumatic brain injuries) we can bring that specialist's talents to bear in the litigation of the case.

Another major client advantage offered by our firm, is that we will travel to you to provide the initial free evaluation of your case, including evenings when most people are free from work commitments. Not many law firms offer such an unusual level of client service. In fact, we've become known as "The Lawyers Who Make House Calls." We're confident that when you meet us, you'll agree that this is just one of many advantages that make our firm the best choice to represent you.

Thank you for visiting our site. We're sure you will find here the information you need.

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